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Shopping season is coming and most of us will at some time have gifts we have bought in our car when we make another stop on the way home.  WHAT IF someone BREAKS INTO your vehicle and steals the shopping your have bought?  Problems: property gone and broken vehicle window.  A good homeowners policy provides an additional 10% of contents coverage for personal property off premise, so..... for contents coverage of $50,000 you would have $5,000 to insure your shopping items.  So far as a broken window, if you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle insurance that will pay for the broken window (or other break in related damage) resulting from the theft (subject to your deductible)  Don't forget to go to your police sub station to fill out a theft report as you will need to turn it into your insurance company.  Steidley Agency will be sure to make sure you have the best coverages available. 

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